Our Mission, Vision, and Values


CauseWell’s mission is to Put Customers First!  

We will do this by finding and training the best people as Advisors and Brokers in each area and by working together each week to improve our service and systems. In the process, we will build a world-class insurance brand.   


We Are: 

  1. Caring
  • We care about our customers and colleagues.
  • We expect the best of ourselves. 
  • We give back to our communities.

  1. Professional
  • We take time to learn and grow.
  • We have integrity.
  • We foster trust at every opportunity.

  1. Resourceful
  • We know how to work with what we have.
  • We look for opportunities in every situation.

  1. Loyal
  • We appreciate each other.
  • We appreciate our customers.

  1. Leaders
  • We lead by example.
  • We’re continually improving.
  • We share our knowledge.

  1. Fun
  • We have a sense of humor. 
  • We make time to have fun together.
  • We laugh at ourselves.

  1. Focused
  • We prioritize our goals and activities.
  • We stick to what’s important. 

*Acknowledgement – Our thanks goes out to: Dr. Reggie Thomas of Peake Potential for helping us to clarify and articulate our Mission, Vision, and Values.