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We believe that the process of getting quotes online leaves much to be desired (I’ll explain that more fully below), so let us do the work for you – Fill in the simple form on this page. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible and help you get your quotes.

There are generally four types of online insurance quoting systems out there…

Online Quotes from Insurance Lead Sellers

Many of these are operated by people or companies who have nothing to do with the insurance industry. A lot of them are not even licensed to offer insurance themselves. You’ll commonly see their disclaimers at the bottom of their web pages. It’ll state something like, “Our company provides your information to several licensed insurance brokers and agents in your area, who will contact you with more information.”

Many insurance brokers and agents use systems like these (We admit, we do too). But do you really want to share all of your sensitive information with as many five to ten brokers before you even have any idea who they are? Do you want your name and your information posted on an online lead board for any agent anywhere near you to pick from and call you? I remember years ago making an inquiry about life insurance before I understood this. It was three months of constant calls from agents and companies everywhere before things settled down. I acquired my insurance product within a week from a source unrelated to that website, but I had to put up with months of phone calls, emails, and letters. To me, it wasn’t worth the trouble.

Quotes from Direct Insurance Companies (for Only Their Products)

Some insurance companies do not work with brokers. There are pros and cons to it. Their selling point is that they don’t have to pay commissions, and they can save you money. But is that really the case? It costs several million dollars for a 60 second commercial on Super Bowl Sunday. And that cost is minuscule compared to the cost of advertising every day for the rest of the year on every cable channel possible.

Direct insurance providers have done very well soliciting insurance quotes via television and in ads. But they still have plenty of overhead, and the truth is that they have to hire agents to work inside anyway. Insurance is not the kind of product that people buy with a click.

Quotes from Captive Insurance Agents

Many of the largest insurance companies offer insurance quotes only through agents employed or contracted directly by the company. This does offer benefits and provides them with strong controls on who represents them and who deals with their clients. But it also makes the agent beholden to those companies.

Those agents don’t have anything to offer you except for products from that one company. Their online quote systems often appear better. They only have to consider their own products; it’s easy for them to build online insurance quotes. Again, you have to ask yourself, “Am I getting the best product and the best price if I’m only looking at one company?”

Brokers With Online (or Offline) Quotes from Many Insurance Companies

This is where CauseWell Insurance Services fits in. We are an independent Insurance Broker. We work with many insurance carriers, including Allstate, Kemper, Safeco, Pacific Specialty, and Berkshire Hathaway’s Guard Insurance. Our preferred carriers are A-rated companies or better, which means that they have Excellent or Superior Ability to Pay Their Present Obligations (read, claims). Insurance is competitive, just like the airline industry or any other industry. They compete every day and often based on price. Even though insurance seems complicated to the average buyer, most policies have consistent factors. It is possible and practical to compare prices and services.

At CauseWell, we get to compare prices and service every day. We see which insurance companies offer the most value and which ones offer excellent service. Although we continue to compare them, the best ones rise to the top and are the most popular with our clients. Companies considered the best five years ago don’t always stay that way. So our policy is to keep seeking out great carriers and comparing them to the best ones we use today. Then we let you know about them.

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