Invitations for application for insurance on or through are made through Joseph S. Alagna dba CauseWell Insurance Services or through its designated agent, Joseph S Alagna, only where licensed and appointed. Joseph S Alagna is a licensed life insurance agent or broker in the states listed below. Joseph S. Alagna dba CauseWell Insurance Services’ National Producer license number is 2560812.

State License Number
AZ 2560812
CA 0N15574
FL W805562
IA 2560812
KY 1167960
MD 2560812
MI 2560812
NC 2560812
NM 2560812
NV 3738308
OH 1401025
PA 1037404
SC 2560812
TX 2732886
VA 1275375
WA 1140924
WV 2560812